When is Amputation of a Bodily Limb Necessary?

If you or a loved one was injured in a catastrophic accident, like a car or automobile accident, construction accident or a severe sports-related injury, the resulting bodily damage may require amputation or the use of a prosthetic device. Many times victims of catastrophic injury are found n factories and areas where employees are in constant daily contact with complicated or heavy machinery. The result is devastating. Fingers are lost and need to be reattached or even worse- entire bodily functions can be permanently debilitated.

Acute traumas can cause the need for an amputation and prosthetic. The following incidents are considered acute traumas: hand fractures., animal bites, wrist fractures, replantation, Erb’s Palsy, Scaphoid Non-union fracture, tendon transfer surgery and more.

This is just one form of acute trauma that is routinely treated surgically by our team of board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons at LA Hand Surgeon. Our team of sophisticated doctors and plastic surgeons specialize in the most complex injuries and surgeries to help you recover as regain as much bodily function as is possible.