We Care

We Care For Our Patients

Our team of highly trained professional surgeons believes in the fundamental necessity for quality care for our patients. We understand the importance of fully functioning hands and all that comes with it. We are here to serve your needs, address your concerns and restore your hands to the aesthetic and function which is possible.

About LA Hand Surgeon

Dr. Arezou Yaghoubian is a board-certified hand and plastic surgeon. She attended UCLA Medical School and underwent her residency in general surgery. At UCLA Medical School, she participated in a fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery. She also completed another fellowship in orthopedic hand and microsurgery. Her expertise, training and education have made her the highly skilled professional in the world of plastic hand surgery.

Dr. James Coleman, MD, a board-certified plastic hand surgeon who graduated from Yale University and Harvard Medical School, is one of our esteemed providers at L.A. Hand Surgeon. His specialty is both aesthetic and reconstructive aspects of hand surgery in addition to microsurgery. He is a prestigious member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. His academic accomplishments and skill make him a leading figure in the world of reconstructive plastic surgery.

What to Expect

Each patient is treated with utmost respect and confidentiality. During the initial consultation, time is taken to understand, analyze, and discuss the findings, possible options for treatment, all risks, complications, and alternative methods of management. No consultation is rushed and time is allowed to address all of the patient's concerns. The concept of a reconstructive tree is utilized to arrive at the most appropriate treatment while minimizing invasive treatments and expediting rapid return to functionality. When appropriate, non-surgical management such as physical therapy will be included in the patient's treatment protocol.

As the patient places his or her trust in the physician, it is the physician's duty to recommend only what he or she truly believes to be in the patient's best interest. If the patient is not a candidate for treatment, the reasons for this are discussed. The patient is educated and prepared in-detail prior to the procedure. All surgical procedures are performed at an accredited and state-of-art surgical facility or at the Cedars Sinai or West Hills Hospitals as necessary. Only board certified anesthesiologists are involved in all surgical procedures as well. No procedure is rushed, and time is taken to ensure that each operation is well-planned and well-executed. On an individual basis some patients may be required to spend one or more nights at an aftercare facility or the hospital following surgery. Our out-of-town patients are asked to remain in Los Angeles until cleared by their doctor for the return home. Repeated follow-up visits after surgery and compliance with your surgeon's instructions, especially physical therapy regimens, are critical and recommended for optimal results.

Meet Our Providers

L.A. Hand Surgeon is proud to present two of the finest plastic and reconstructive hand surgeons in the country. Meet hand surgeon Dr. Yaghoubian, a hand surgeon and specialist who underwent a hand and microsurgery fellowship and attended the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine. Our team also consists of board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. James Coleman. Dr. Coleman attended Harvard Medical School. Both specialize in aesthetic and reconstructive hand surgeries.