Funny Sports Injuries Involving the Hand

You won’t believe the accidents that happen when you absolutely least expect it. The weirdest thing about it is that these funny hand injuries we are about to list involve professional athletes – people who spend most of their time in the gym or training in an effort to make sure they are in the best shape possible to compete at high levels of play.

Ricky Bones – a baseball professional who tore a muscle in his hand while changing channels with a TV remote. You definitely would not expect this to happen to a professional baseball athlete.

Lionel Simmons – a basketball star who developed tendonitis in his right wrist from playing too much GameBoy. Perhaps this serves as proof that playing video games for extended periods of time could damage your wrists/hands?

Julian Tavares – a professional baseball athlete who broke his hand by punching a dugout phone. This is why it’s best to control your anger. It’s not uncommon for people to slam their fists into the wall and don’t realize the damage done until after the adrenaline has subsided.

Roger Craig – a baseball manager who managed to cut his own hand on a bra strap. This is just an absolute stroke of horrible luck. Thankfully it was only a cut and not a hand fracture or worse.

Ron Russell – a professional disc golfer who accidentally swung his entire hand directly into a tree while “teeing” off. It’s uncertain what injuries he sustained but the official who saw it mentioned it sounded as if a small gun was being fired. Ouch.

Darryl Dawkins – a basketball player who sliced his hand right open when he was washing a broken dinner plate. As a professional basketball athlete, we can only wonder why he kept a broken dinner plate to begin with.

These spontaneous funny athlete injuries go to show that sometimes circumstances are not in your favor, despite how fit your body may be. Hand injuries are bound to happen either suddenly or through excessive use over time, especially from certain jobs.

The only advice we can offer is to be careful and follow our short guide on hand injury prevention tips.