Injuries Named After Specific Sports

Summer is a time where many of us actively engage in sports of some sort. For good reason too: because sports are a great way to exercise and improve the appearance of your body. There’s no better time to play sports than during summertime when the weather is nice (just be sure to stay hydrated at all times).

However, there are many sports that have their own common injuries. These injuries have become so common amongst the sport that the injuries possess their very own name.

Popular Sports Injuries That Have Received Their Own Name

Tennis Elbow – Tennis players use their arms frequently, usually in an abrupt bending motion that puts strain on the elbow. Over time, the tendons on the outside of your elbow may become swollen, which has been termed “tennis elbow”.

Golfer’s Elbow – Very similar to tennis elbow, golfers may experience the same phenomenon. Instead of on the outside of your elbow, the pain occurs on in the inside of your elbow.

Boxer’s Fracture – Also referred to as brawler’s fracture, this is an occurrence in which the bones of the hand that form the knuckles become fractured. Typically boxers do not experience this, as they are experienced. This commonly occurs in less-trained individuals who punch walls or are not accustomed to proper punching techniques.

Bowler’s Thumb – Bowlers engage their thumbs on every throw of a bowling ball. This puts added strain on their thumbs. A common symptom in bowler’s thumb is a numbing sensation in the thumb.

Skier’s Thumb – This occurs when an important ligament in your thumb is overstretched. Skiing falls are a common way to incur skier’s thumb.

Baseball Finger – Also called mallet finger, this is a condition in which a tendon at the tip of the finger is torn or ruptured making it very difficult to fully extend a finger.

Turf Toe – Turf toe is a condition in which ligaments around the big toe become sprained. In short, it’s a jammed big toe. It commonly occurs in football players that play on artificial turf.

You should keep in mind that tennis players are not the only ones who may be suffering from tennis elbow. It just so happens that tennis players are more likely to experience tennis elbow. Anyone can suffer from tennis elbow and this applies to the rest of the sport-termed injuries listed above.

Your hand surgeon of Los Angeles can help you treat any of these injuries.